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The human drive to gamble on sport has been there since ancient times. For example, the wealthy class of Ancient Rome used to bet on gladiator battles, animal fights, and chariot races. In the 18th century, boxing and horse racing emerged, and the public enjoyed betting on these sports. Today (2018), almost every game seems to attract gamblers. From soccer to rugby union and cricket, people bet on them all. But what exactly is sports betting? What are the basics of sports betting? Here, we explain them all. Plus, we provide a comprehensive guide to sports betting. The pages on our site will equip you with all the knowledge you need to enjoy gambling on any sport.

Sports Betting Explained

Think of it as a duel between you and the bookmaker. Whether you’re placing a virtual bet online, or handing over your cash to a land-based betting shop, you will still want to consider what the bookmaker is going to offer, to determine if it is worth your investment. In general, you will surrender your money to the bookmaker (place your stake) and wait for the outcome. If you win the bet, your money, plus any earnings, will be given back to you. If the bet goes the other way, you lose your money to the bookmaker. This is what it means to bet on sport.

Our Sports Betting Guide

Our guide will help you to get the most out of sports betting, by helping you to understand several different aspects, including where, and how, to bet on different games. Whether you’re looking to bet on soccer, cricket, or any other sport, our guide has got you covered. For those who are already aware of the basics of betting, and are looking to graduate to the next level, then our site has good news for them too, as it contains the information tailored to the needs of such people. Once you have read through every page on the site, you’ll be a more informed sports bettor, able to make the right decisions in your betting endeavors. This way, you will enjoy the thrills involved in betting, and possibly take home some welcome cash in winnings.