How to Bet Like a Professional

There are undoubtedly dozens of websites out there, promising to provide strategies that can transform you from an average sports bettor to an invincible one, a quick Google search gives substance to this. Many marketers, mathematicians, statisticians, and strategy consultants claim to have discovered a formula that can help anyone to defy the odds, and win bets on a regular basis. Do you think these self-proclaimed betting “experts” are worth listening to? The answer is no, but if you must believe them (and you should not), then treat their words with scepticism, as there is no such thing as an “invincible betting strategy.” However, some tips and tactics can help maximize your chances of winning while, at the same time, staying safe and enjoying every minute of the action. Here are the two most important ones:

Keep an Edge in Every Bet

Have you ever pondered as to why it is called sports betting? It is called so because there is no fixed house advantage: no wonder it is not called sports gambling. In general, don’t do something just because everybody else is doing it. An old saying goes, “the strongest man is the one who stands alone,” and it definitely pays dividends here. Yes, it is natural for any beginner to heed to public opinion, but if you’re looking for financial independence through sports betting, then you need to think differently and develop your own unique style of doing things; you don’t have to follow the herd.

Do Thorough Homework

Luck can help you win, but you won’t be lucky every day. Remember, betting on sports, is not the same as spinning the roulette wheel, where the outcome is determined solely by luck. Your research and analysis efforts will definitely put you ahead of other bettors since many of them don’t go this extra mile. Sports betting outcomes are determined by various factors that you will want to look at before wagering. They include the following:

  • The current form of a side team
  • The injuries in the team
  • The head-to-head data
  • The team’s philosophy and style of play